“They’re not divorced yet” – Colby Covington takes a hurtful jab at Jorge Masvidal’s personal life to escalate the beef

Colby Covington has been promised a title shot if Kamaru Usman defeats Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261 this weekend. UFC president Dana White refused to comment on what would happen if Jorge Masvidal becomes the champion instead. But one man is on a mission to create a stir no matter who wins on April 24, and that is Colby Covington himself.

In a recent interview with The Mac Life, Colby Covington took his attack on Jorge Masvidal’s personal life a notch above. Covington claimed that Maritza Collado – the woman Colby claimed to be Masvidal’s wife – is still legally married to Jorge Masvidal. He also claimed that Maritza is the mother of Masvidal’s kids and his marriage to Iman Kawa is a popular lie.

“I was just with his ex-wife yesterday… We know that Google is complete fake news… It says Jorge Masvidal’s wife is Iman Kawa, the mother of his children is Iman Kawa… That’s a complete lie. The mother of his children and his wife that is still on the marriage certificate today – they’re not divorced yet – is Maritza Collado… Martiza Masvidal. The truth is, Jorge Masvidal is a piece of shit father, piece of shit fighter and I hope I get to expose him in front of the whole world soon,” Colby Covington said.

Jorge Masvidal was previously married to Iman Kawa, sister of MMA manager Malki Kawa and has three children with her. Colby Covington recently created a stir by posting photos of himself with a woman named Maritza Masvidal, who he claimed to be Jorge Masvidal’s wife. It is not clear if there is any substance in Covington’s claims. But ‘Chaos’ is known for creating controversies and he definitely succeeded this time.

Colby Covington wants to fight Jorge Masvidal

Colby Covington’s association with his former camp came to an end after a public feud in 2020. The incident also severed Covington’s relationship with his teammate and friend Jorge Masvidal. Colby Covington has campaigned for a grudge match against Masvidal since the fallout. He claims that the fight will be huge because there is genuine hatred between them and the teammate vs teammate narrative will bring more numbers than any other fight in the division.

Before the Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal 2 fight became official, it was rumored that Covington and Masvidal will coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. Kamaru Usman’s surprise callout to Masvidal at UFC 258 laid the rumors to rest. Colby Covington is one of the few successful self-publicists in the UFC. Whether his claims about Jorge Masvidal’s personal life are true is debatable at this point. But it is undeniably true that he has taken the rivalry to the next level and made the potential clash with Jorge Masvidal’s ‘Super Necessary’..

Published 24 Apr 2021, 06:27 IST

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