Where to find helicopters in GTA Online

Not everybody owns a helicopter in GTA Online; sometimes, players have to find a random helicopter out in the open.

As a result, many novice players wonder where they can find them. After all, GTA Online is a massive world, and not everybody owns a flying vehicle of any kind.

Helicopters are not only easier to fly than planes, but they’re also easier to find sprinkled around in the GTA Online world. Hence, most players are interested in knowing where to find them.

Unfortunately, it is worth noting that helicopters spawn based on the player’s level. If a player is beneath the required level for them to spawn, they won’t be available.

That said, some helicopters only require a player to be level 11 to spawn, so it’s not like players won’t be able to find one most of the time.

Where to find helicopters in GTA Online

Image via HaIfpint (GTA Online Reddit)
Image via HaIfpint (GTA Online Reddit)

The map above is an excellent visual indication of where players can find helicopters in GTA Online.

Unsurprisingly, players have numerous locations to take advantage of all the helicopters found throughout the GTA Online map. For convenience’s sake, the levels required for spawning the helicopters are listed as well.

The vehicles listed in red are helicopters, while those in blue are planes. Typically, players will find better aircraft the higher their level is in GTA Online. For example, at level 11, a Maverick will spawn at the top part of the map. If a player is level 42, they will get a Buzzard instead.

Video guide

Often, a video can more easily demonstrate a particular vehicle’s location than text can. As a result, players are highly recommended to watch the above video if they desperately need to find a helicopter (along with other aircraft).

If players want a picture with a quick text to read through, then the paragraph above this entry should help them out.

The need for finding a helicopter

While both the video and the picture help players find various aircraft, some might wonder why they don’t just use their own helicopter. As stated previously, this is primarily useful for low-level GTA Online players without access to a helicopter.

Some players can rely on their friends to give them a lift, but that’s not relevant for all GTA Online players. Driving around in a car is much slower than flying with a helicopter, so this quick guide should help out players persevere through the earliest struggles of GTA Online.

Published 25 Apr 2021, 06:03 IST

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