Valorant servers will be unavailable from 14:00 PDT for the deployment of the patch which brings new map Breeze

Valorant servers will be unavailable from 14:00 PDT on 27th April, 2021, which translates to 2:30 AM Indian standard Time on 28th April, 2021, for the deployment of the patch that will bring the new map, Breeze.

The patch will set forth Episode 2, Act 3, and will bring the Battlepass and the Forsaken skin lineup. With Breeze, the latest map, being a part of the patch as well, it seems that Valorant players will have a huge treat when the patch is deployed, which is just a few hours from now.

The amount of content that Riot is going to deliver with the patch is huge, and resultantly, the Valorant community is waiting with sheer excitement.

Valorant Servers will be unavailable for deployment of patch

Due to Valorant’s always online nature, it is imperative that the servers are made unavailable to prepare for a big patch, as all players can then download the new patch and there will be no technical hiccups in the process.

However, if players are witnessing server issues on an individual level, there are a few options to get around. Riot has always kept clear communication with Valorant’s player base. Hence, it only makes sense that the first place for a player to check whether there is any wide scale server issue or ongoing maintenance is the official Valorant Twitter handle.

If there is a wide scale issue with the server in any region, or if Riot has scheduled any server maintenance, the official Twitter will always notify the community. However, if one wants to manually check the server status in their region, they can head over to the Valorant service status page.

How to report individual problems?

If one can’t find any server outages in these resources and is still facing one, then it is most likely a situation unique to the player only. If that is the case, the player can always hop onto Valorant’s Support page to find some help. The support page has a wide number of issues and their solutions listed, which serves as a definitive guide to fixing most Valorant issues.

It is advised to go through every single possible option before submitting a report. Valorant usually provides the user with a specific error code for every single error that occurs. One can check the error code section for the issue that corresponds with them.

Published 27 Apr 2021, 18:25 IST

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