2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Virginia Tech Offensive Tackle Christian Darrisaw

Virginia Tech’s Christian Darrisaw probably doesn’t have the same level of hype as Oregon’s Penei Sewell or Northwestern’s Rashawn Slater.

However, he should slot into the first round comfortably for a team looking to improve their offensive line. Christian Darrisaw brings a lot of positives to the table and should be a solid starter for many years to come.

On that note, let’s take a closer look at Christian Darrisaw’s game to see how he could project at the next level.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Christian Darrisaw

–Height: 6′ 5″.

–Weight: 311 pounds.

–Position: Offensive Tackle.

–School: Virginia Tech.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Christian Darrisaw’s Strengths

For a big man, Christian Darrisaw has an excellent ability to move his feet in almost any aspect of a football game.

He can seamlessly slide laterally to help secure a block on the perimeter for a running back on a toss play. He is also quick enough to pounce outside to get a hand on a speedy pass rusher trying to get around the edge.

Christian Darrisaw’s flexibility could allow coaches at the next level to feel comfortable calling plays to his side and have him deal with agile linebackers effectively.

Christian Darrisaw also brings other skills to the table other than his impressive footwork.

While he’s solid at the point of attack, he also has solid enough vision to seek out linebackers and safeties for additional blocks if his primary assignment has been taken care of. He’s also said to have good leverage and does not get knocked backwards if a powerful lineman tries to knock him over with a head of steam.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Christian Darrisaw’s Weaknesses

Christian Darrisaw pretty much checks most of the boxes you’d want to see in an offensive lineman prospect. But he has a few things he can afford to get better with, though.

There were certain instances in his college career where it was said that he didn’t bring the requisite amount of intensity to every play. At the next level, Christian Darrisaw will need to bring the energy and intensity in order to keep his quarterback upright.

Moreover, Darrisaw is a solid blocker, but at times he is not as thorough as he should be when it comes to finishing the play. At times, he has his man pretty much eliminated from the play but won’t always finish him off.

NFL defenders are way too talented to be afforded second chances. So Christian Darrisaw will need to bring his defender to the ground or hold his blocks a little bit longer at the next level.

2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Christian Darrisaw’s career at Virginia Tech

Despite being a near-lock to be selected in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, Christian Darrisaw wasn’t exactly highly sought-after heading into college.

In fact, Virginia Tech was the only school that saw enough in him to offer a scholarship in the FBS. That turned out to be a worthwhile decision by the school, as Darrisaw ended up starting at tackle for the Hokies in each of his three seasons with the team.

Darrisaw was part of a very successful Hokies rushing offense and was recognized at various times throughout his college career.

As a freshman, he was named a midseason Freshman All-American. Last year, he was tabbed as a First-Team All ACC player, which is a notable honor considering the level of competition in the conference.

Published 28 Apr 2021, 00:35 IST

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