5 most pointless purchases in GTA Online that players shouldn’t waste their time on

While GTA Online features a number of amazing items for players to buy, not everything in the game is a must-have and should be paid through the teeth for.

It’s easy to get lost in the glamor of the virtual market and spend all that one has on a pretty costume or a useless snack, but it’s also important to remember that, while maximalism is the way to go in GTA Online, not everything is worth buying.

This article talks about 5 of the most useless purchase features in GTA Online that players should steer clear of.

5 most pointless purchases in GTA Online that players shouldn’t waste their time on

#5 The Hangar Business

While businesses are an integral part of GTA Online, they don’t always promise a substantial return on investment. The Hangar Business is perhaps the most useless business in GTA Online. It hardly makes any profit and requires a good deal of elbow-greasing. The only scenario in which a hangar can prove to be useful is when the player needs to upgrade their aircraft. Apart from that, air cargo makes for a pretty underwhelming investment in GTA Online.

#4 The Orbital Cannon

Sure, the Orbital Cannon is one of the most devastating weapons in GTA Online, but it doesn’t do the player much good lying around idly in its self-obsessed glory. Not only does this weapon cost a fortune on purchase, but it also rolls out a fresh new bill every time the player uses it to annihilate the targeted radius. For players to invest so much in the Orbital Cannon, they would either have to be filthy rich, or have an arch-enemy they can’t wait to get rid of.

#3 The Yacht

The Yacht has long been hailed as a symbol of wealth and power in GTA Online, but it doesn’t do much apart from being a symbol, and a pretty costly one at all. The yacht is perhaps the most expensive vehicle in GTA Online, which is ironic since it doesn’t even work as a vehicle (except, of course, if the player can afford to pay the captain through the nose for a ride).

#2 Private Jet

Sure, a private golden jet makes for quite an impression, but like the Yacht, that’s all it does. GTA Online features a number of awe-inspiring aircraft, including the insanely popular Buzzard, for a much lower price. There’s really no reason to waste a fortune on a Private Jet that does nothing but look good.

#1 Shark Cards

The reason why people love video games is that, unlike everything else in life, they don’t get easy as the player levels up. They get harder and harder. GTA Online, in particular, is known for its perilous missions and life-threatening quests. To negate all that with a simple shark card is to ruin the beauty of the game, which is why shark cards have such a bad reputation in the community. Not only does the availability of shark cards enable the affluent to rack up the big bucks without putting in the required effort, it also prevents novice players from honing their skills and having fun.

Published 29 Apr 2021, 00:39 IST

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