“It’s so fun to watch some people like those two” – Randy Orton praises superstars for WrestleMania 37 match

Randy Orton has matured into a true locker room leader. Gone are the days of him being a prodigal yet brash talent. Randy Orton has reached a point in his life where he enjoys seeing other people have their moments.

The Viper spoke about Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair’s memorable outing at WrestleMania 37 during his recent appearance on ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ podcast on

Randy Orton admitted that while he hadn’t watched all the matches from WrestleMania 37, he did catch the SmackDown Women’s Championship match with his wife, Kim Orton.

The former WWE Champion showered praise on the women involved in the match and noted that he thoroughly enjoyed the first night’s main event.

Randy Orton, who is arguably one of the smoothest workers in the ring, explained that when wrestlers as passionate as Banks and Belair perform, their movements and expressions flow naturally in the squared circle.

“Kim and I watched; I actually still have a few matches that I have to watch from this year’s Mania, but umm, Kim and I actually just watched Sasha and Bianca, and it’s like, It’s so fun to watch some people like those two women that love what they do so much, and you know, it translates into their movements and their facial expressions and what they’re doing in the ring,” Orton stated.

“I really enjoy seeing other people having theirs’ too” – Randy Orton on WrestleMania moments

Randy Orton was happy to see Bianca Belair have her WrestleMania moment. The future WWE Hall of Famer added that he cherishes witnessing the new generation of talent succeed at the highest level in the business.

However, he only wants to see deserving wrestlers get their time under the main event spotlight.

“To see Bianca have her moment, you know, you talk about WrestleMania moments, it’s as fun for me almost seeing other people have their moments than it is for me to want to have another moment,” added Orton. “I have had so many moments. Like I really enjoy seeing other people having theirs’ too. Deserving people.”

Randy Orton also spoke about his awkward first backstage meeting with Matt Riddle and revealed a hilarious Goldberg story during a special episode of Kurt Angle’s podcast.

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Published 29 Apr 2021, 18:26 IST

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