“Give me a real chance” – Isaiah Thomas implores teams to give him one final opportunity to prove himself

Isaiah Thomas‘s return to the NBA earlier this month was a much-celebrated event. Thomas signed a 10-day contract with the New Orleans Pelicans and featured in three games for them. Due to piling injuries, the Pelicans decided to use their roster spot to fill a different need and did not bring Thomas back after his original deal expired.

Isaiah Thomas has failed to find a new suitor for himself since he became a free agent again. With a little over two weeks remaining for the regular season to come to a close, Thomas is running out of time to potentially find another team that’s willing to take the punt on him. He took to social media earlier today and asked franchises to give him a shot.

Isaiah Thomas did showcase a few glimpses of his pre-injury self during his time with the Pelicans. Thomas averaged just 7.7 points in the three games he played but was only afforded 16 minutes per outing.

Should teams take a gamble on Isaiah Thomas?

Isaiah Thomas has tons of NBA experience to work with
Isaiah Thomas has tons of NBA experience to work with

Isaiah Thomas turned 32 earlier this year, so it makes little sense for a rebuilding team to offer him a contract. IT could be a shrewd acquisition for a playoff-bound team, though.

Firstly, he’s playoff eligible and can certainly contribute on the court. Even if Thomas doesn’t feature in the rotation, he can act as a mentor for young players. The diminutive point guard has previously led the Boston Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals and knows a thing or two about dealing with pressure on the big stage.

Hip injuries have taken a serious toll on Isaiah Thomas’s career, but he’s seemingly ready to give it a real go this time around. Here’s to hoping that he gets one final chance to prove that he still belongs in the NBA.

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Published 30 Apr 2021, 00:34 IST

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