How to get Neymar Jr “Aerial Acrobat Glider” in Fortnite

With Neymar Jr in Fortnite, players and fans alike are going around and trying to get every piece of his set.

Though the Neymar Jr skin itself is the most important piece, players are also trying hard to obtain his new Aerial Acrobat Glider. Of course, since the Aerial Acrobat Glider comes before the skin, players should be able to obtain both in no time.

To unlock the glider and skin when in-game, players must complete epic quests, just as it is for the rest of the items.

These epic quests are as easy as any other typical challenge, allowing players to obtain the glider and skin in no time.

Unlock the Fortnite Aerial Acrobat Glider

To unlock the Aerial Acrobat Glider, players must complete 60/60 epic quests. These epic quests are a mixture of weekly challenges and other special challenges that come out in Fortnite.

As long as players are completing weekly challenges, they should be able to get pretty far in advance when trying to unlock the recent Neymar Jr items.

Completing challenges from NPCs that are in the Epic or Legendary rarity are best as they help bump up the number of epic quests that have been completed. If a player is able to just focus on those types of quests, then it’s best to do so.

Other quests and challenges, such as common and uncommon, can be done extremely fast. However, they don’t help level up faster and take longer to obtain new Battle Pass items.

So overall, players should try and focus on Epic and Legendary quests and challenges, as these are going to help level up quicker and unlock the Neymar Jr set altogether.

Players should try to complete the common and uncommon quests to get those smaller in-game Fortnite points as well.

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Published 30 Apr 2021, 00:31 IST

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