WWE legend gives his honest opinion of Daniel Bryan

Wrestling legend and former WWE manager Dutch Mantell had a ton of praise for Daniel Bryan following last night’s episode of SmackDown.

The main event of last night’s WWE SmackDown saw Roman Reigns putting the Universal Championship on the line against Daniel Bryan. Bryan unfortunately lost the match after passing out in the Tribal Chief’s Guillotine chokehold. The Yes Man is now banished from the blue brand.

Dutch Mantell was on this week’s edition of Sportskeeda’s SmackTalk. During the show, Mantell praised the match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. Mantell had a lot of individual praise for Daniel Bryan, especially for his ability on the mic. Mantell said:

“The clean finish, right at the end on Daniel, I think it helped Daniel more than it hurt him. He’s another guy who’s almost bulletproof because people believe in him. When he talks to you, when he does a promo, it’s like he’s sitting down in the seat next to you and he’s talking right to you. That’s what good promo guys do because if you understand them, you like them and they seem sincere, I think people buy into that. They’ve bought into Daniel Bryan.”

Dutch Mantell on Daniel Bryan’s title win at WWE WrestleMania 30

Dutch Mantell also discussed Daniel Bryan’s career-defining night at WrestleMania 30. After beating Triple H early on in the night, Bryan was entered into the main event. He beat Randy Orton and Batista in a triple threat to leave as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Dutch Mantell was backstage at WWE WrestleMania 30 that night and said that he was “shocked” when Bryan won. Mantell explained:

“At WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans, where people stood up and went, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe this happened,’ and I don’t think anybody in the dressing room… I mean, I was in there and I don’t know anybody in the dressing room knew. I didn’t make it a habit of going around and, ‘What are you doing? What’s the finish?’ And stuff like that so when he won it kind of shocked me too, but it was a great match.”

On last night’s SmackTalk, Dutch Mantell also had a lot of praise for the recent booking of both Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. You can check that out HERE.

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Published 01 May 2021, 18:36 IST

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