Jinder Mahal returns to RAW; debuts new faction

Jinder Mahal made his long-awaited return to Monday Night RAW tonight, and the former WWE Champion brought some intimidating back-up.

The flagship show saw The Modern Day Maharaja dominate a heavily decorated veteran in his first match back on the red brand.

It was around this time last year that Jinder Mahal returned to RAW following a knee injury that kept him out of the ring for nine months. Less than a month later, he was back on the shelf after undergoing some much-needed knee surgery.

In January this year, he teamed up with The Singh Brothers to take on WWE Champion and former Three Man Band ally Drew McIntyre and Indus Sher.

Apparently Indus Sher impressed The Modern Day Maharaja, as one half of the duo, Shanky, recently joined forces with him. Shanky and another NXT star, Veer, accompanied Mahal to WWE Main Event last week.

Jinder Mahal wins on his RAW return

Jinder Mahal appeared on Monday Night RAW tonight flanked by Veer and Shanky. He faced off against Jeff Hardy in a rematch of their Main Event bout from the week prior.

Mahal beat Hardy clean after countering a Twist of Fate with a nasty-looking pump knee strike to the jaw. The Khalas planted Hardy in the middle of the ring for the three-count.

With a new and improved Jinder Mahal backed up by Veer and Shanky, one has to wonder just how long it will be until he’s holding gold again.

A former champion in Jeff Hardy was dominated by Mahal on Monday Night RAW tonight, which could be the start of a new reign of terror.

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