Biomutant: How to destroy the boomhuts

Boomhuts in Biomutant can certainly be a tad bit annoying to deal with at first, but they can easily be dealt with once players understand the method to destroy them.

Boomhuts are small mechanisms located on walls in certain areas that shoot little bombs at the player. They can be shot while the main character is engaged in combat with enemies, so it can be really overwhelming to deal with.

There is a specific strategy, though, that players can use to swiftly get rid of these annoyances.

What are the weak points of the boomhuts in Biomutant?

To defeat the boomhuts, players must deflect the bombs back at the mechanisms. This will cause them to explode, and luckily only one bomb needs to be deflected for them to detonate. Players can use either melee attacks or shoot guns to deflect the bombs back.

While both methods are effective, melee attacks are somewhat better at knocking back bombs in Biomutant. It’s easier to gage the timing by using melee attacks as opposed to shooting the bombs, which can be a little more tricky. Anyone who’s played energy ball tennis with Ganondorf at the end of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time should be familiar with using attacks to deflect projectiles.

Another saving grace for players is that once ejected, the bombs stay in the air for a decent amount of time. There won’t be any rapid-fire from the boomhuts, so that should leave more than enough time for players to get in position and hit the bombs.

Even though this process can be quite easy, it’s still prudent to eliminate all of the enemies in the room before tackling the boomhuts in Biomutant. Trying to focus on knocking back bombs while enemies are all around the place is going to be a rage-inducing experience.

Once the enemies are cleared, players will have a chance to breathe and take their time blowing up the boomhuts. For first-time encounters, players should make sure to equip some healing items beforehand, but that should occur before any mission in Biomutant.

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