Meet the Bahamas newest Musician, SMOODZ

Dray Jaquan Darcy (aka) Smoodz was born in Nassau, Bahamas on December 1, 2001. While in his early childhood he never had the passion for making music although he always listened to it. When he entered the 10th grade, he was influenced by some friends to take part in a harmless game of battle rap.

Smoodz then tried rapping for the first time and he fell in love with it. He started to record more and more songs in his closet using an iPhone and a pair of headphones which was his studio set up at the time.

After Smoodz had graduated from R.M. Bailey High, he started to try out different recording studios such as, Pikliz Beats, OEU Studios and F.I.L.M Studio. Smoodz stayed and worked for a year with the F.I.L.M Studio producer Zamar Saunders in 2020. Looking at music investments, he decided to invest in his own studio and is now currently the CEO of his own record label called “From The Bottom Records” which is based in Nassau the capital of The Bahamas. From The Bottom Records was founded in February 2019 in Nassau, Bahamas.

Smoodz wanted to create a brand that expressed where he is coming from, what his intentions are and where he’s going. He grew up in South New Providence (Pinewood) where the crime rates and gang activity is at an all time high.

Smoodz had a few interactions here and there while still in school but he never fell victim to the lifestyle, he had a vision of a record label that actually helps artist to make the right investments and receive 100% of their royalty revenues, he always wanted to be known not only in his city but worldwide.

Smoodz currently has his first signed artist “Breion” and you should be expecting to hear from them both all throughout the up coming year of 2021. He began seeing professional success around late 2020, with the release of his first critically acclaimed single after signing himself to his own Record Label. He has overcame countless obstacles on the way up, and will continue to work hard each and every day to keep his musical journey moving forward.

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